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Forensic Services

Forensic Psychology

A specialized branch of service that involves the application of psychological principles to legal settings.

These services typically involve clinical interviews, psychological testing, and collateral information to evaluate the mental health, personality, cognitive abilities, and behaviour of defendants, survivors, and witnesses involved in legal proceedings.

Forensic Testing

unbiased and objective evaluations

Forensic assessment is a specialized area of psychology that applies principles of clinical psychology to legal settings.

Forensic assessment involves the use of psychological testing, clinical interviews, and collateral information to evaluate the mental health, personality, cognitive abilities, and behaviour of individuals involved in legal cases, such as criminal defendants, victims, witnesses, and others.

We make sure we give the care and attention to every case we take on. We utilize objective measures, clinical and collateral interviews and ensure that your voice is heard throughout the evaluative process. We realize the recommendations that are made have very real consequences for individuals and the families that are referred to us.

Forensic Assessment


Prices vary depending on the psycho-legal question, please fill out the referral form to determine the estimate.

Psycho-Legal Evaluation

Psycho-Legal Evaluation is a type of forensic assessment service that is used to provide information to legal professionals regarding an individual's mental health, cognitive abilities, and behavioral patterns.

The purpose of the evaluation is to provide objective and unbiased information that can be used by legal professionals to make informed decisions in legal proceedings, such as criminal cases or civil litigation. Psycho-legal evaluations can address a range of issues, such as assessing the individual’s competence to stand trial, their criminal responsibility, their risk of violence or re-offending, or the impact of a traumatic event on their mental health.

It is a critical component of the criminal justice system, providing valuable information that helps ensure that legal decisions are based on accurate and comprehensive information about the individual involved in the case.

If you have been referred by the legal system to complete a psychological evaluation, please fill out the referral form and we will contact you to further assess your needs.

Practice Note 7

A Practice Note 7 Intervention is typical in a Family Law case where decisions concerning children are before the Court and families are experiencing a state of conflict.

It includes both evaluative and therapeutic interventions that provide information to the Court to assist in decision-making and help work toward resolution of disputes, manage conflict and make changes in the existing family dynamic.

Our evaluators are doctoral level clinicians who have extensive training in legal and psychological matters and qualify as Parenting experts with the court.

For more information on the Practice Note 7, please download this resource.

Practice Note 8

This Practice Note may be used to provide a Parenting Time/Parenting Responsibilities Assessment where resolution is not possible, or an Intervention under Practice Note 7 will be ineffective. The Assessment provides an objective assessment of the family to assist the Court in addressing the best interests of the children.

Evaluations for Criminal and Civil Cases

If you are an attorney and are wondering if a psychological evaluation could help your criminal or civil case, please contact us by phone, or send us an information request/ referral form. We can consult with you to determine what questions we can answer for your specific case.


If you are an attorney or individual and are in need of a psychologist to evaluate the quality of a previous psychological evaluation, we are here to help. We can help you develop a set of questions used for cross examination or provide general consultation to help you develop a stronger case.

Dr. Lyndsey Silva

Clinical and Forensic psychologist

Dr. Lyndsey Silva

Dr. Lyndsey is a Clinical and Forensic psychologist who completed her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Lyndsey specializes in trauma treatment and forensic evaluation. 

Dr. Lyndsey brings over 2200+ hours of psychological testing experience that enables her to conduct objective evolutions to give in-depth understanding of a variety of psycho-legal problems.